Scientific popularization

Some recent activity

Seminar for high-school students on Turbulence (Lille 2018) [pdf]

Fête de la science - Voyage(s): COMUE, CNRS, U. Lille stand on Voyage in turbulence (Lille 2017) [see more]

Seminar for high-school students on Chaos and complexity in fluid dynamics (Lille 2016 and 2017) [pdf]

Fête de la science - Cycle(s) de vie: CNRS stand on Micro-organisms' swimming: viscous fluids and time reversibility (Lille 2016) [see more]

Fête de la science - Climat(s): CNRS stand on Fluid mechanics and complexity in atmospheric dynamics (Lille 2015)
[see more]

Some previous experience

Fête de la science: stand on Complex fluids: liquids or solids
(Grenoble 2008 and 2009)

INFM exhibition on complexity “Semplice e Complesso” (Torino 2006)